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February 27, 2011


Reflect on the GAME plan you developed and followed throughout the course.

I think the GAME plan I developed for this course was a solid start.  However, I do not think it was ambitious.  I remember looking at the NETS-t and thinking to myself—–“What?”  So I went with two standards that made sense to me at the time.  What I should have done to push my academic and professional goals is select the most difficult standards.  Not the standards I already know and somewhat implement.    

Summarize any new learning that resulted from your following your GAME plan and explain what impact your new learning will have on your instructional practice.

Two valuable revelations came from following my GAME plan during this course.  The first is the idea of using a blog for communication tool for parents.  My school blocks all blogging sites, but I have been advocating for the system to unblock sites.  From this advocating, I have made a commitment to use my page on the schools site to keep my parents and students up to date regarding important dates and such.  The second, and most important, revelation from the GAME plan is persistence.  I have always started projects-worked with them for a couple of days and simply stopped doing them.  This class forced me to revisit my GAME plan weekly, which is the “M” in GAME- “Monitoring…”  This is the most important step in the GAME plan I believe.  It makes you accountable to your own goals.     

Describe any immediate adjustments you will make to your instructional practice regarding technology integration in your content area(s) as a result of your learning from this course.

I will make more use of the GAME plan format.  As stated above, it makes and keeps you focused on your goals.  I will also continue to reach the goal of implementing and teaching all NETS-s to my students.  The 21st century workforce as to be able to communicate, collaborate and work using the tech tools available.  The NETS-s ensures the students ability to do just that.

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