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August 21, 2010

My personal theory of learning has stayed pretty much the same.  I still believe that the Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences is by far the most influential in my philosophy.  However, cognitivism and constructivism also play a major role.  Even though it is said to be “outdated” and a thing of the past…  Behaviorism is and will always be a part of my learning strategy.  (Mostly for classroom management)

Two immediate adjustments I plan to make with my instruction and technology is to use technology as a learning tool and not as an instructional tool more and use computer-based programs for immediate feedback which the research of Dr. Debra Pickering says is vital for effective classroom instruction (Laureate 2009).

I thought I was using technology in my classroom effectively because I was showing students power points or using websites like  This was instructional technology.  I was just giving the students the information in a different way.  No real substance.  I need to use technology in my classroom in way that the students are learning “because” of the technology, not “by” the technology.

Some tools I plan to use immediately are voice threads and blogging.  I am teaching one segment of social studies tis year and I see great use for these two tools specifically.  elections are in November and I have to teach the branches of government.  The television is going to be loaded with commercial with campaign ads.  This will work well with the “dual coding” theory of Paivo.  For example, they will have the picture of Governor on the television and we will discuss it in class.  We will set-up mock campaigns in the school (class).  The two technology tools will come in because I will have the students campaign for someone via the blogs.  They will do research and make decisions on who they support.  The voice threads will be used for students to ask the candidates questions…  The candidate will respond back and other students can  to te questions as well. 

Another way I plan on using the voice thread tool is by posting or creating a question that the students will have to research and provide their answer via the thread.  For instance, “What was the main cause of the civil war?”  

My long-term goals ae very simple…  I strongly believe that technology is the key to students’ success.  They live and thrive on it.  No one can learn better than when they are engaged in the process.  My long-term goal is to become an expert and not a novice about the uses of technology.  I have to keep practicing the and using the tools so I can be more confident in implementing them in the content.  I will do tis by creating blogs, creating voicethreads, keeping up to date on new technology available and try to use (experiment) with it in the classroom.

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