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Reflection for understinding the impact of tecnology

April 25, 2010

The class, Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work, and Society, has helped me to develop my technology skills in several different ways.  First, I was unaware of the different types of media that were available for instructional use.  Wikis, podcasting and blogging were the three main tools discussed during this class.  Each one has their own unique qualities to deliver content based knowledge to each student.  Second, each tool brings the development of 21st century skills mention by Thornburg so often in the video clips throughout the semester.  This class increased my understanding and knowledge of technology because I had to actually use each one of these “artifact building” tools.  The most important development I have received from this class is the fact that—I was simply unaware of these tools before this class.  I was blind and simply naïve to the amount of technology available.  This class has opened my eyes and made me mindful to be open and unafraid of technology.

I can continue to expand my knowledge of technology integration by doing what I am doing.  I can continue with my technology courses at Walden University which will allow me to practice and refine my skills in technology.  I can also take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered by my county about technology.  Griffin Resa is offering five classes this summer that I could take to help me in increase student achievement.  The “Second Annual Assistive Technology Fair” is an upcoming event offered through my system I am really excited about.  Another way I can continue to expand my knowledge is simply using it and also discussing it with like-minded professionals.  Kathy Schrock has created a site with a wide list of educational blogs.  Her site gives me instant access to like-minded people.  I can discuss current technology uses and also get ideas from other professionals. 

I have many long-term goals for my classroom about technology.  One of my goals is to create a blog for the classroom that will be used weekly.  I am in the process of creating a webpage for my classroom.  From this site, I will base my classroom.  I plan on working fervently this summer to set-up the page along with activities.  Blogs, wikis, and podcast will all be used.  I will use my website as my “HOME.”  Wit a click of a button, the students (or parents) will be able to pull up a calendar telling them of upcoming assignments, due dates and such.  There will be links directing you to study guides, practice test, rubrics, etc…  A second goal will be to have weekly computer time fusing content and 21st century skills together.  In a survey I gave my students I found out that they spend less than one hour a week using technology in the classroom.  I will post a question or prompt for the students discuss via blogging on Sunday nights.  On Friday, we will pull up the blogs and discuss what was written.  For example, “Is a virus an abiotic or biotic factor in an environment?”  This is a writing prompt that will generate an engaging conversation.  On Friday’s, while discussing I will ask for more comments that could have been added.  From here, I hope or plan to show some tools available (Creating hyperlinks for example).  This summer I plan on looking at my new content and creating webquest and also setting up the ability for wikis.  I will find the content most conducive for wiki use and teach the students how to use, create and write using wikis.  I know I have to increase my knowledge immensely before I carry out the many different types of media now available.  My webpage on schoolwires now is pretty bare.  I have a lot of trial and error ahead of me, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

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